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Dry type transformer

Dry transformers - encapsulated

Medium-voltage resin-encapsulated dry-type transformers have achieved a high degree of reliability thanks to the technological advances of recent years. Our production complies with international standards E2, C2, F1 certified (CESI Italia) therefore they can be used even with a high percentage of humidity and contamination, eliminating the risk of fire and emissions of toxic and harmful substances.

For special applications, such as offshore or offshore wind installations, class E3 (IEC 60076-16) can be guaranteed.

Being made entirely of insulation materials, flame retardant and self-extinguishing, they do not need all the building conditions that normally have to be applied to the oil bath apparatus to prevent the spread or spread of fire.

All the production of FOHAMA ELECTROMECANICA is made with galvanized elements and insulating materials in class F or H, in some cases they are pre-impregnated. The windings are vacuum encapsulated with epoxy resin or impregnated with class H polyester resin. The transformers can be provided with metal cells with the requested IP protection degree and with galvanized sheet for external mounting. Thus, the production of these equipment is suitable for installation in hospitals, banks, public and residential buildings, in ships, tunnels, underground, windmills, oil rigs, etc.

The connection between the winding and the terminal bar is done by automatic welding in a protected atmosphere.

The terminals of the windings are mechanically anchored to the presses, being practical, compact and easily accessible.