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About us?

We are a metallurgical factory that since 1970 we dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of diverse types of electrical transformers for the Argentine and international market.

We are suppliers of power transformers for electric distribution companies, oil companies, power generation of all types and in particular renewable energy, among other items. FOHAMA transformers are a fundamental component of the Argentine electric grid.

In the country we are suppliers of EDESUR, EDENOR, all Provincial Energy Companies, the different Electric Cooperatives, conventional Generators and those that use renewable resources (wind energy, solar, etc.); And the oil companies, the state-owned YPF, Panamerican, Pluspetrol, among others.

For 20 years, FOHAMA electric transformers for the oil industry have crossed the Cordillera, the Pacific and the Atlantic to reach different countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

FOHAMA's integrated management system includes: Quality, Safety and Occupational Health and Environment.

Care about product quality, health and safety of workers and respect for the environment, through a reasonable use of energy, the use of approved materials and the final disposal of waste, earned us 3 national and international certifications.


The intellectual-craft production

Our great competitive strength is the special transformers. It is in the particularity of the requirement of a client where FOHAMA has the experience, the capacity in engineering and development to face the challenge. Our expertise to produce non-serial transformers allows customers to obtain a tailor-made product, at prices and terms of standard equipment.

The productive process intertwines innovation, the generation of added value and artisanal work. The commitment of FOHAMA starts from the involvement of workers, engineers, technicians, operators, who integrate private knowledge into a project that transcends us. The management and administrative offices in front of the factory, the engineers touring the facilities and constantly training the workers, enables the development of a composite work that has as fundamental links the intellectual development, the constant specialization and the understanding of the productive link.

A great company that chooses to be a small business

In FOHAMA the social capital is national and it is the one that makes the decisions in the company. Commitment to the firm exceeds the quest to maximize profits. Beyond the growth that we had in the last years we are a family company, that we decided to grow incorporating professionals to manage the different areas. But the direction of the process is still in our hands, it is a way of life and a commitment to our workers, suppliers and therefore our clients, who rely on our human capital.

Constant innovation as business policy

Some years ago at FOHAMA we incorporated to our production line transformers of Dry Type, or encapsulated - without fluid - and fireproof for the installation in big companies, shops and buildings, among others. In this way the needs of multiple individuals are satisfied, while guaranteeing the public-citizen safety of our clients and the population in general.

The transformers for Wind Energy, form a new field of insertion. And in FOHAMA we have already developed the technological capacity to install them in the wind towers (Slim).

Our mission

From FOHAMA we seek to contribute to the construction of the national productive network, productive innovation and the gradual transformation of the energy matrix, in favor of clean and renewable energies that allow the sustainability of the activity over time.

Like any national industry we contribute to national technological independence.

In FOHAMA we define ourselves as a family business in a broad sense. Three generations of three Argentine families forged a solid identity that incorporates its workers - many of whom go back to the beginning of the firm in 1970 - in a community that transcends us and which advocates maintaining - on our scale - an economic circuit Virtuous around capital, investment, training-specialization, work, production and consumption.

Our values

The effort and dedication of those who make FOHAMA, were always the conditions of possibility for the processors to reach different countries of the world. The training and continuous improvement of our employees, the strategic management of the founding families, and the interpretation of the customers' needs, guarantee the excellence of the products, Corporate Social Responsibility and the sustainability of the activity.

Our vision

As FOHAMA we are an integral company of national capital, we are committed to the development of the Argentine industry, under the understanding that the constructive and operative activity gives the framework of possibilities for the development of a competitive economy and the integration of the social fabric, As a bulwark generating highly qualified jobs, which favors upward social mobility, the fortification of the middle class and the general welfare of the population.

The development of capital goods made in Argentina

Our transformers are an essential asset of the energy industry. That such an elementary input is thought and manufactured in the country, contributes to technological sovereignty and economic independence.
We are convinced that in a globalized economy, we have to focus on the technological niches that allow us to add value, technification and national development, to achieve the well-being of all citizens.

Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Policy:

FOHAMA ELECTROMECANICA S.R.L. designs, manufactures and markets electrical power transformers having as objectives excellence in Quality, Safety and care for the Environment; in order to achieve Profitability with Social Responsibility and Sustainable Growth, based on the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes.




FOHAMA ELECTROMECANICA, in 1998, certified its QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to the ISO 9000 STANDARDS, with the international organization DET NORSKE VERITAS.

The certification of this system guarantees to our clients that the control of the whole process, is carried out under international standards.

Currently we have the certifications:
· ISO 9001:2015

Our products are designed and manufactured under the requirements of IRAM and IEC standards.
· IRAM 2279 and 2247 for the distribution of energy in urban and rural areas.
· IRAM 2250 for the distribution of energy in urban areas of energy distribution companies and industrial companies, which for its important consumption does it in Medium Voltage.
· IRAM 2476 for the sub-distribution of energy in wholesale market networks.
· IRAM 2276 AND 2277 for Dry transformers.

OTHERS under international standards or special rules defined by the requesting company:

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